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tropical sunset_low 0012


The temperature just hit 31ºWilbur goin left. On days like this you may be tempted to describe Gisborne as ‘tropical’  but if you’ve been to the tropics you’ll appreciate that we have more of a ‘sub-tropical’ climate. Which is great, as we miss out on a lot of tropical nasties like sea snakes, malaria, and low budget kung-fu movies playing in third world hotels. But at the height of summer we experience other menaces, such as crowded surf and the proverbial ‘surfed-5-times-over-the-summer’ kook. Check out the kook in the photo below!

Today the surf was so tiny I resorted to bodysurfing. The waves were so weak that I was even having difficulty doing that. As I took no photos, other than a couple of quick snaps on the cellphone, for today’s Dose I’ve recycled some shots I never used from last summer. (Except for the opening photo, which I took just the other night in ‘sub-tropical’ Gissy).  “Yes, I’ll have ice with my coke, thanks”.    Ô


spot the Kook…   (pic by Doug Hislop)

hot start

a hot start to the day

sub-tropical Wainui

sub-tropical Wainui

summer SUPing

summer SUPing

water quality sign

drinking salt water is not advised

carpark sunset

carpark sunset


Okitu sand sunrise_0046

100 posts picToday’s posting is the 100th dose of The Daily Dose of the Salts. Yeehaa ! Let’s celebrate ! What began as an -almost- daily blog of mainly the beaches and the surf scene around Gisborne, has become more of a weekly blog at best. But life goes on and I fit it in when I can. (You can buy a print of any of my pics to enjoy on the days that I miss doing ‘the Dose’. Just email me details of the blog date and photo caption).

Looking back to when I began this blog, highlights over this time have been winning a photo competition with the shot below, that also featured in a tourism supplement in the local newspaper. Then last week one of my photos of the pumping Wainui surf was featured on the TV1 Weather report. One day I hope to have an exhibition of some of my best shots. In the meantime, I trust you have enjoyed my first 100 posts.

winning photo

The competition winner – ‘What would you miss if the world ended with the Mayan calendar?’

newspaper shot  I was so stoked to find that the above photo had won a photo competition at the end of last year on the theme of ‘What would you miss the most if the world does end with the Mayan calendar?’
My answer, as demonstrated by the photo, was: ‘Enjoying the early morning sunrise walks along our very beautiful Gisborne beaches’. -They liked it. And I like all the photography gear that I got for the prize!

I was twice stoked then when the same image was chosen by Tourism Eastland and the Gisborne Herald to be the opening feature in this year’s tourism supplement in the Gisborne Herald. It looks great !     Ô

pumping surf

the pumping Wainui surf last week

TV1 Weather Report

Weather Time …thanks to Ben for sourcing it from my Facebook page (permission granted)


Weatherman Sam getting pumped on my shot of the great surf

Don on laptop

‘Your’s Truly’ working on another Dose of the Salts

falling light Okitu MED_0032shadows

Being the middle of wintewinter light Wainui_0009r the days are short and the late afternoon and evening shadows are long. The last few days have been brilliantly sunny and mild – once the frost has melted and the sun has got cracking. So I’ve been sleeping through the frosty sunrises and have been catching the sunsets instead. An afternoon surf is the warmest option at this time of the year.

The ‘Red Bus’ reef at Makorori was empty and beckoned me. I left it a bit late to get out of the surf though as the sun had already dipped behind the hills. You need to get out well before dark in wintertime to save freezing your butt off getting changed in the evening chill. The 8 to 5 crew have to drive home in the dark with no chance of an evening surf at this time of the year.  That’s usually me too, but I’m on holiday this week – happy days!     Ô

clean surf

sunny days, clean surf

rubbish bin

cool ‘n’ groovey trash bin

evening shadows

long evening shadows


flaxhead in the falling light

5pm traffic

5pm, homeward bound

going Fishing_0021

Dave & Mike crop_0034There’s something fishy

about this. Steve Roberts likes fish, the colour yellow, and little waves (as well as big waves!) Last weekend the huge 8-10 foot swell from earlier in the week finally dropped away to a mere 1 foot, so Steve picked out the bright yellow fish from his extensive and eclectic quiver of boards and headed down to Stockroute for a few small ones.

A couple of us old boys were tossing up whether to bother with the very small surf. Stockies local Dave Timbs, out for a paddle in front of his house, came in and reported that it wasn’t too bad, “…Hey, at least the sun is shining, the wind’s offshore and it’s small enough today for us old guys to get out the back”. Good advice -it’s the middle of winter so we need to count our blessings, especially as we’re still fit and well and are able to enjoy the surf. Amen     Ô

aloe vera wave

my camera lies, it’s only 1 foot


Steve speeding down the line


carving up the fish

empty peak

the one that got away

 garden view

the best garden view

surf & skate

rollin’ home happy

ANZAC Wreaths_0004

– Lest we forget

ANZAC Day icon

ANZAC Day icon

Our fathers, uncles and grandfathers went off to war during the last century to ensure that the future generations would have the freedoms of democracy and would be free from the ideologies that fascist forces sought to impose on us all, should the outcome of those wars had been different. Today we tend to take those freedoms for granted.

Today is a public holiday, which is a great thing not only because we get the day off work and can go surfing, but also because we have the time to slow down from our usual hustle and bustle and reflect on the significance of this special day. Here in Gisborne, as happens throughout the rest of New Zealand and Australia, the day began with a dawn ANZAC service. Then it was time to hit the beach. The surf was quite good, with a strong offshore wind nicely grooming the one metre south swell at the town and coast beaches.

ANZAC sunrise

ANZAC sunrise


day dawns at the cenotaph

Stockroute surf

nice surf for our day off

Makorori carpark

the beach carparks were full

ANZAC Day surf

paid our respects …now time for a surf

Happy 2013

Greetings! The sun has set on the year that was 2012 and a new year has now dawned. On arrival at Makorori Beach I found, to my delight, that some happy soul had beautified the usually drab Red Bus toilet’s water tank with some festive chalk art. Both sides of the tank are decorated and it’s message of good cheer is in full view of motorists passing by on the Pacific Coast Highway. Nice. Even more colourful were tonight’s fiery sunset and the awesome New Year’s fireworks display over the city.

Well, the year didn’t start off very spectacularly on the surf front. A tiny North-east swell of around one foot is still lingering. Conditions were nice with light offshore winds for 2013’s first day of surfing, but the waves was only just surfable. I did get to indulge in a rather pleasant session on the mini-mal out front of Frick’s place with Taylor, who enjoyed his recent time in Fiji …despite encountering Tropical Cyclone Evan the day after he arrived. He’s enjoying being back amongst the Gissy vibe again. -You can read more about the vibe and culture of Wainui Beach in an article on today’s NZ Herald website. Here’s the link here.

I hope that 2012 was a good one for you and that 2013 is even better! Wishing you an …

hippy toilet tank

happy hippy toilet tank

heading home

tiny swell for 2013’s first surf

Makorori Beach

sun sets at the end of 2013’s first day

Wainui Store

a busy day trading at the Wainui Store

sunset photo shoot

tourists’ sunset photo shoot

sunset swim

sunset swim

city lights

30,000 people waited, paused for…


…the annual New Year’s fireworks display