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tropical sunset_low 0012


The temperature just hit 31ºWilbur goin left. On days like this you may be tempted to describe Gisborne as ‘tropical’  but if you’ve been to the tropics you’ll appreciate that we have more of a ‘sub-tropical’ climate. Which is great, as we miss out on a lot of tropical nasties like sea snakes, malaria, and low budget kung-fu movies playing in third world hotels. But at the height of summer we experience other menaces, such as crowded surf and the proverbial ‘surfed-5-times-over-the-summer’ kook. Check out the kook in the photo below!

Today the surf was so tiny I resorted to bodysurfing. The waves were so weak that I was even having difficulty doing that. As I took no photos, other than a couple of quick snaps on the cellphone, for today’s Dose I’ve recycled some shots I never used from last summer. (Except for the opening photo, which I took just the other night in ‘sub-tropical’ Gissy).  “Yes, I’ll have ice with my coke, thanks”.    Ô


spot the Kook…   (pic by Doug Hislop)

hot start

a hot start to the day

sub-tropical Wainui

sub-tropical Wainui

summer SUPing

summer SUPing

water quality sign

drinking salt water is not advised

carpark sunset

carpark sunset


winter solstice_0050

winter solstice

Yesterday was the shortest day – the winter solstice. And what a miserable day it was – grey skies, bitterly cold sou-west wind, wild stormy surf conditions. Not a very photogenic day, so the photo above is all you’re getting today. The only good thing about winter when you’re too broke to go skiing/snowboarding or to head off on a tropical surf holiday, is the rugby. Go the All Blacks tonight!

But the good news is, we’re now heading …very slowly… back towards summer. Hooray! Rather than celebrate all the mid-winter gloom, today I’m going to break from my usual photo sharing and post some cool cartoon images that speak to me of everything that’s great about summer, mainly through the eyes of cartoonist Bob Penuelas and his classic surf cartoon character, Wilbur Kookmeyer. Let’s celebrate the SOULstice!      Ô

Wilbur Kook Comic pg102


surfs up

surfs up


Kook by name and kook by nature !

summer crowds

worst thing about summer is the crowds

Wilbur's travels

Wilbur’s travels


see you next summer!

carpark view_0014

Summer story #5

There’s nothing like catching up with old ‘friends’. The past week’s been a busy one but I managed to catch a wave at two surfing spots at Mahia that have been old acquaintances of mine from way back. On my many trips to the Mahia Peninsular back in the 70’s and 80’s, the two most consistent surf beaches were Blacks and Mahanga Beach. There was always a swell at one of them, it was just a matter of which way the wind was blowing. Mahanga is best in a West or Nor-west but when the wind goes northerly or Nor-east seabreeze, Blacks is the spot. However Blacks has had it’s weird moments in recent years – something strange had happened to our old standby. Consequently I hadn’t surfed Blacks for two decades …until Tuesday. It’s been a long time between surfs!

After several days in Hawkes Bay at a family event I was on my way home yesterday with a couple of hours to spare before dark. A front had come through and a Sou-wester was freshening. I thought I’d check out the Mahia surf on my way home, perhaps Mahanga ‘standby #2’ would be OK in this wind?

But before I arrived at Mahanga to find a half-clean wave running down the Point, I stopped on the main highway to take a photo …and as I hopped out, the car door locked behind me, motor still running, indicators still flashing!  Fortunately I was soon able to flag down a motorist to use their cellphone to phone the AA to be rescued. Waiting on the side of the road for 30 minutes, I reflected back on my first Summer Story when Frick nearly cooked his motor. (Boy, I bet Frick’s sure gonna laugh at this story!) Eventually I made it to Mahanga for a quick surf before dark. The wind was a little cross-shore but it was great to get wet after my little drama. Old friends came through for me.      Ô


small crowd of 3 out at Blacks


surf debrief

Black's overview

Black’s overview

locked out !

locked out ! (yeah, I’m embarrassed)

old truck

…I wonder if I can get to the beach in that?

Nuhaka garage

join AA, well worth the money!

Mahanga Point

finally made it to Mahanga Point