2014 peak_low 0023


On New Year’s Eve the swell had lots of north in it so there were a lot of lefthanders running along Wainui and Makorori beaches. For some strange reason, Makorori Point wasn’t quite doing it’s thing – it should have been ideal in those conditions. However the beach breaks certainly made up for it. The righthander off ‘Teddy’s Bank’ was working well and there was a large crew on to it.

The new year kicked off in Gisborne with a nice clean North-east swell and light offshore winds to provide the local and visiting surfers with great conditions for our first surf for the year. A perfect start to the year! – Let’s hope we enjoy similar good fortune for the rest of this year. A perfect New Year’s Day culminated in the annual fireworks display held at the convergence of the three rivers.    Ô

Maka Point

not really ‘doing it’

John Gisby

local legend ‘Gis’, giving it a whack

Chris Ransley

1969 junior champion Chris Ransley surveying his options

Teddy's right

Teddy’s – fun righthanders

final sunset

final sunset for 2013


Wishing you all the best for 2014 !


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