Moti's Caddy_low 0075

Moti rides again

out there_0058Moananui Longboarders president Ian ‘Moti’ Proctor certainly loves life. He was enjoying his annual trip to Hawaii last year when an infection took hold of his body, travelling from his foot up to his hip and taking root in a hairline crack resulting from a waka accident in the surf. Having top shelf travel insurance meant Moti was able to get Hawaii’s best medical attention. Just as well, as this nasty infection meant business! At times Moti’s life was in the balance. After a month of hospitalisation he was well enough to fly back to NZ where doctors operated to replace part of his hip which was irreparably damaged. After the operation Moti spent months on crutches and took a daily regime of painkillers. A year on, it’s great to see Moti back in the water, riding again and now drug-free. …Just high on life again. Moti has an even greater appreciation of how precious life is. Ride on…. Ô

Moti rides again

Moti rides again

old school styles

old school styles

living life

loving life

Moananui band

praising the Healer


no more Blues, bring on the happy songs!

Well folks … that’s it for 2013 !
Sorry that The Dose hasn’t been daily during 2013, but I am resolving to be much more regular next year.  What’s your New Year’s resolution going to be?


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