Road tripping

Waipiro pano_0056

Boxing Day

was looking a bit gloomy. No much swell on the horizon and the weather was dodgy as well. With a southerly wind blowing it was a good option to head up the East Coast on a road trip. We packed the 4×4 with a picnic lunch (Christmas leftovers), grabbed the dogs, surfboards, skateboard and cameras and headed north. First stop – Tolaga Bay. No significant swell and the place was swarming with holiday-makers and tourists – not the reason we headed up the coast. So it was back in the truck and off to Tokomaru Bay for a picnic under a tree as the rain was starting to arrive. A short post-lunch skate later and we were off to Waipiro Bay – deeper into coastal seclusion and serenity. The surf wasn’t happening but we enjoyed the walk on the beach with the dogs.

Boxing Day is also my dear Mum’s birthday. Glad that you had a good one, Mumsie. (She gets any framed pics of mine that she wants …the rest of you can buy your’s). Which reminds me folks, a new Dose of Salts website is coming real soon! Caio   Ô

Tolaga Bay

no swell at Tolaga

skateboarding Toko styles

skateboarding Toko styles

Waipiro Bay Co

Waipiro Bay – once a thriving community


cottage with a view

beach hammock

now that’s the life !

Waipiro church

where a church should be …right on the beach

country living

country living

weather clouds

ominous weather signs

weather & hills

wet trip home


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