Santa swell

Christmas Eve beach scene

Merry Christmas

Seasons greetings to all you Dose of the Salts subscribers! GTown_santa
Trust you’ve now worked off the turkey and Christmas pudding. I hope Santa brought you what you were after, that’s assuming you’ve been good boys and girls! To be honest, I haven’t been a very good boy have I? This being my first post of ‘The Dose’ in many weeks. …So Santa never brought me the 300mm lens I was after and I got a new T-shirt instead.

Santa kindly brought us a clean south swell. The waves were barreling nicely across the Stockroute sandbar, thank you Santa. The ‘Y’ crew out enjoying it were Bobby, Bugsy and Bondy. Micro-grom Josef doesn’t have a name ending with y but it’s a very Christmasy name isn’t it?  Ô

lefts and rights

lefts and rights, take your pick

Bugsy barrelled

Bugsy pulling into a sweet barrel

Bugsy barrelled 2

same wave, 1/4 second deeper

Bugsy bash

Bugsy knows how to bash it too

setting up mal

setting up a sweet one

Bobby destroys a wave

Bobby knows how to destroy a wave


Bobby drops his wallet

old school stance

old school stance, feet together

Bondy carve

brother Bondy laying down a carve


micro-grom Josef setting it up

Josef barrel

Josef busting out the champagne exit


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