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No Access peak_0025

Wish you were here Pink Floyd’s album Wish You Were Here – one of my favourites- was released in September 1975. The Sound radio station just had a ‘Floyd Friday’ to commemorate this. The album’s name makes me think of days when the surf is pumping and your mates are missing it. Surf is a fickle thing, it can be perfect one day then rubbish the next. My Aussie mate Andy came to NZ in 2010 with a group of surfers to make a surf movie. Andy is currently touring the FLUX movie around NZ. The thing is with Andy, every time he visits Gisborne I tell him “You should have been here a couple of days/weeks ago”. The surf never delivers for him.  When Andy and I checked out the mediocre surf at ‘No Access’, Wainui the other day, I thought back to a few weeks ago when the surf was pumping there. Maybe next time Andy…    Ô

Don & Andy

Your’s truly checking the Wainui surf with Andy

No Access pumping

…the same spot, several weeks back

stalling into the barrel

stalling for the barrel

offshore wind perfection

offshore wind perfection

empty peaks

empty peaks …wish you were here !

If you’re in Wellington tonight you can check out Andy’s FLUX movie at The Rock Cafe, 4 Glover St. Ngauranga.

FLUX movie