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falling light Okitu MED_0032shadows

Being the middle of wintewinter light Wainui_0009r the days are short and the late afternoon and evening shadows are long. The last few days have been brilliantly sunny and mild – once the frost has melted and the sun has got cracking. So I’ve been sleeping through the frosty sunrises and have been catching the sunsets instead. An afternoon surf is the warmest option at this time of the year.

The ‘Red Bus’ reef at Makorori was empty and beckoned me. I left it a bit late to get out of the surf though as the sun had already dipped behind the hills. You need to get out well before dark in wintertime to save freezing your butt off getting changed in the evening chill. The 8 to 5 crew have to drive home in the dark with no chance of an evening surf at this time of the year.  That’s usually me too, but I’m on holiday this week – happy days!     Ô

clean surf

sunny days, clean surf

rubbish bin

cool ‘n’ groovey trash bin

evening shadows

long evening shadows


flaxhead in the falling light

5pm traffic

5pm, homeward bound


going Fishing_0021

Dave & Mike crop_0034There’s something fishy

about this. Steve Roberts likes fish, the colour yellow, and little waves (as well as big waves!) Last weekend the huge 8-10 foot swell from earlier in the week finally dropped away to a mere 1 foot, so Steve picked out the bright yellow fish from his extensive and eclectic quiver of boards and headed down to Stockroute for a few small ones.

A couple of us old boys were tossing up whether to bother with the very small surf. Stockies local Dave Timbs, out for a paddle in front of his house, came in and reported that it wasn’t too bad, “…Hey, at least the sun is shining, the wind’s offshore and it’s small enough today for us old guys to get out the back”. Good advice -it’s the middle of winter so we need to count our blessings, especially as we’re still fit and well and are able to enjoy the surf. Amen     Ô

aloe vera wave

my camera lies, it’s only 1 foot


Steve speeding down the line


carving up the fish

empty peak

the one that got away

 garden view

the best garden view

surf & skate

rollin’ home happy