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last summer session

The Indian summer has now ended but before it did Fiona put on one last Wahine On Waves session to end the summer series for 2013. Many women and girls of all shapes and sizes converged on the Northern Makorori Beach to enjoy a perfect autumn day. The one-metre surf was nicely groomed by the norwesterly offshore wind and the sun was cranking. A great finale for the WOW summer series.
For more photos, check out Fiona’s article on the Salt Gypsy website. Catch you later Gidgets !     Ô


Fiona rallies the troops

heading out

swarm of Gidgets

heading out

all shapes and sizes

Mu & tottler

start ’em young

Mums & daughters

Mums & daughters

little ripper

little ripper

shared wave

sharing the love


learner getting the stoke


Dayna banging it out the back


satisfied grommettes

Gissy girls

Gissy girls rule!