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sun up -crop 0032

It’s not about the bunny…

It’s that special time of the year when we get 4 or 5 days off work, the surf tends to pump, and people overdose on hot cross buns, chocolate bunnies and Easter eggs. Yip, it’s Easter time. As yummy as all those chocolate bunnies might be, Easter is not about the bunny. The most important date on the Christian calendar remembers the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – who was not a rabbit.

Jesus 2013Christian Surfers used to have a big surf contest at Easter …and the surf was usually great. After a break of many years, the JESUS Surf contest was resurrected and was planned to be held at Mount Maunganui. So I packed the tent, surfboard and camera and headed off to the comp. Unfortunately ‘the Mount’ is not the most reliable venue for surf comps and despite the surf having been very consistent for the last two months, the sea decided to go quiet so the comp had to be cancelled. But a good time was still had. Our crew enjoyed the local cafes and eateries by day and spent the night soaking in the legendary saltwater hot pools.

The sunrise was pretty spectacular. The Mounties, who really enjoy their beach, were up at the crack of dawn walking or running the boardwalk, before settling into a coffee on the promenade. Today the Sound radio station was playing it’s ‘resurrection selection’ playlist. I hope you enjoy my ‘resurrection selection’ photo gallery. Have a blessed Easter !     Ô

sun up

sun up behind the cenotaph

sunrise walkers

sunrise walkers

no comp

all dressed up, nowhere to …surf


beach rendevous by bike

Rasta wall

Rasta wall

VW convertible

matching cars and apartments

Tay Street

Tay Street dairy has gone metro

Main beach

just a tiny wee swell

saltwater hotpools

soaking the night away in the hotpools

Easter bunny


cloud burst_crop_0075


Dark side of the MoonIt’s forty years since Pink Floyd released their best-selling album Dark Side Of The Moon. No other album dominated the music charts like it did. It remained on the top albums chart in New Zealand for a record 289 weeks. That’s over 5 years! It has sold 50 million copies worldwide and is the best-selling album ever in New Zealand. Some people even had to buy a second copy after wearing out their original copy with their record player!  One of the album’s singles – Timesums up my efforts to catch early morning and late evening images of the beach, ‘And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun, but it’s sinking, racing around to come up behind you again’. 

The song Time refers to the relentless marching of time. Which reminded me that it’s halfway through the month of March and I’m well overdue for another Daily Dose ( or should that be, Weekly Dose ?) Sometimes when surfers arrive at the beach they are told, “You should have been here yesterday”. -So how was the surf yesterday? Well, at 7a.m. Wainui Beach was deserted except for the clean, but empty, 2-foot peaks popping up along the beach. And not a surfer in sight. I guess now that summer is over, Gisborne has gone back to it’s sleepy ways again.   

empty beach

empty beach, not a surfer in sight

empty pek

just another empty peak


backlit spray as the lip throws over

My favourite Pink Floyd track is Shine On You Crazy Diamond from the album ‘Wish You Were Here’. As a young grommet I would stand in front of the stereo with the sound turned up (real loud, if mum was out) and mind-surf riding a big tubing wave in slow motion as the 3-minute song intro built up into a dramatic crescendo. It’s lyrics capture some of the essence of my Daily Dose photography – ‘Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light. Shine on you crazy diamond’.      Ô


‘Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light’

Bunnytail sunset_5348 copy

Bunnytails – the sequel

framed Bunnytails

Well, it seems that some of you liked yesterday’s post on Bunnytails …so I’ve dived back into my extensive photo archives to find you a few more nice photos of bunnytails at Midway Beach. ‘The Pipe’ at Midway is the perfect spot to get pics combining bunnytails with a view of the sun setting over the Whareata hills in the background.

Don’t forget, if you wish to see an enlarged view of any of the photos, whether in the daily emails or on the Daily Dose website, just click on the image and an enlarged version will open up. And if you really like it, you can buy it !  Just email me and you can have your own print to mount on your wall.  Options available are:  a) postcard  b)  unmounted print  c) mounted print, d) mounted and framed print (various frame options). Print sizes from 6×9″ up to 12×18″.

Bunnytail sunset_5342

Bunnytail sunset_5343

sun ball

grass & bunnytails_0024

sunset grass_med 0028

Bunnytail sunset_5347

Town sunset_pano 0030

Lagurus Ovatus (Bunnytail)

Yesterday’s post of The Daily Dose showed a sunrise as seen from above. You may have noticed the colours were a bit muted. The perspex windows of the plane seemed to soften the colours quite a bit, especially when there was glare reflecting off them. Today’s post includes some sunrise and sunset shots seen from below, rather than above. As you only got one post of The Dose during February, here’s some of my favourite shots from back in February to make up for it.

Lagurus ovatus, commonly called bunnytail or hare’s-tail grass, is a flowering plant in the grass family Poaceae, native to the Mediterranean coast of Europe. It is commonly found along the New Zealand coastline. In Gisborne it grows prolifically at our beaches. Have to admit it is a favourite of mine.     Ô

Bunnytail sunrise

Bunnytail sunrise, Wainui

dogs playing

dogs playing amongst the bunnytails

Bunnytail sunset, Midway

Bunnytail sunset, Midway

couple walking the beach


sun down

fiery sundown

flight to Wgtn_med res 0005

Surfing the sunrise

Just for a change, this week I got to see the sunrise from above instead of below. A trip to Wellington for a couple of days for work required me to catch the early morning flight down to the Capital. It was too early to see the Gissy surf before boarding and the low cloud meant I wasn’t going to see much from the plane either. But I did get to see the sunrise develop from beneath the cloud base.

The cloud cleared by the time we arrived in Wellington. Flying in over the sea and landing beside Lyall Bay can be spectacular if the surf is up, but there was no swell so it was as flat as a pancake. Now that summer is officially over and autumn has arrived, the sun is coming up quite a bit later and the air has quite a nip to it first thing in the morning. A good sign that autumn groundswells are on their way … just not today. I got to check out the capital’s cafes and sushi shops instead.      Ô

turbo prop

lots of screws holding that engine together

sunrise skimming

skimming across the sunrise


flying into the Capital

Island Bay

Bird’s eye view of Island Bay

Lyall Bay

no swell coming in at Lyall Bay

Wgtn Google Map

Google-eyed view of the Capital: ‘A’ for airport