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semi final actionSemi final action

The long weekend was a perfect excuse to head up the coast fanfor a mix of rugby and wave-hunting. On Saturday afternoon the Ngati Porou East Coast team were playing in Ruatoria against North Otago in the Meads Cup semi-final. So I grabbed my surfboards and camera and headed up for the game. I knew it was going to be a real goodie and I wasn’t disappointed. The Coast team took it out 26-15.

Facing the Coast team on their homeground, Whakarua Park, is a formidable task. The sky-blues have a lot of pride to maintain, especially in front of the hometown crowd. The East Coast supporters, mostly relatives of the players and coaches, are a very colourful and loud bunch. Rugby is in their blood around these parts. In recent years the team has included recruits from other regions. Not so long ago the iwi-based Coast team was comprised entirely of Ngati Porou players living locally, or returning home to play for the team.

lineoutNorth Otago led the game 10-8 at half time but the big Coast forwards began to dominate in the second half and the subbing off the bench of the experienced Rua Tipoki during the second half paid dividends. East Coast’s talented first five-eight John Semple kicked three penalties, the second -a minute into the second half- put his side back in front but North Otago then scored a second try and led 15-11. A bruising run from East Coast tighthead prop Ziggy Fisiihoi sent flanker Brent Ingram in for a try to put East Coast back in front 19-15. The Coast then began kicking for the corners and a pushover try from a lineout put the home side 11 points ahead and then there was no stopping them.

The jubilant crowd celebrated well into the night, especially the local chap who put 2 grand on the TAB at 3:1 odds!  If I was a betting man, my money would be on the East Coast team to take out the cup final against Wanganui in Ruatoria next week.

here it comes

“here it comes”


Ngati Porou supporters with the cookie bear mascot

Ziggy's bruising run

enthusiastic fans cheering Ziggy into action

Coast old boys

Coast old boys


the Chairman approves


final nail in the coffin for North Otago

crowd cheering

the crowd goes wild

Coast colours

colourful Coast support

Red Bus surf

rubbish and rugby

My predictions in yesterday’s blog were spot-on in regards to today’s surf and to the rugby. The surf today was rubbish. A strong nor’wester had pretty well killed the swell overnight and this morning it was real tiny. The strong northerly wind was offshore in Town but the surf was almost non-existent. The Coast beaches had tiny waves but they were too small to be surfable. So it was an ideal day to head off to the annual A&P Show.

The highlight of the day was watching the Poverty Bay vs East Coast rugby game at Rugby Park, a short walk along the railway lines from the A&P Showgrounds. As I predicted, the game was a real cracker. The Bay kicked a couple of penalties to get an early lead and followed up with a try. The Coast answered back with a couple of tries to give them a one-point lead at half time. The Bay team upped the pace in the second half to regain the lead. The big Coast lads put on a brilliant display of running rugby in the final two minutes of the game, scoring two brilliant tries and taking out the game 24-14. A cracker alright!

As I’m in a rugby frame of mind and the surf was not worth photographing today, here’s some shots of a rugby practice night at the Oval on a chilly winter’s night back in June, for something a little bit different for today’s post. (Click on photos to see a larger view). I’m sure the ol’ boy will get a real kick out of this one!     Ô

warm up

warming up for practice

rugby practice

team practice at The Oval

kicking practice

kicking practice

practice kick

…over she goes!

The Oval

the evening chill sets in


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small peaks Wainui


McDonalds gives you the option to ‘Super-size-me’ in order to upgrade your combo to larger chips and drink. With summer approaching we frequently get the option to take summer-size surf, like this evening’s session. The surf was real clean with the NNW offshore blowing keenly …but it was also real small. A day to ride a malibu – unless you’re a young fella like Ben Mc’ who is small enough to whizz them along on his shortboard. It was great to just get out there getting wet on this warm, sunny 22-degree Spring day.


surfing sunnies

Mike the ‘Main man’ who wandered down with his lovely wife Laura, was armed with his shortie and his latest weapon against the increasingly harsh sunshine – a pair of surf sunnies. Great idea – I must get a pair myself this summer. The Gisborne sun in summer can be pretty vicious and good eye protection in the surf is a great idea, especially for those midday sessions.

The surf will be tiny tomorrow but the annual A&P Show is happening so we’ll have a good distraction from the surf. Entry to the show also means free entry to the East Coast vs Poverty Bay rugby game. It’s always a great local battle and I’m sure tomorrow’s game will be a cracker!    Ô

fast one

too fast for Ben even

Ben Mc

Ben on a slower one

family outing

family outing

peaks & sticks

peaks and sticks

His and Her peaks

‘His and Her’ peaks

Wainui sunrise

taking to the sky

The swell has eased a lot from the pumping swell earlier in the week but there were still a few good waves around for those who knew where to look. Conditions were good as a strong seabreeze didn’t come up to spoil it, as we can often get at this time of the year. Looks like the swell is going to be small for the rest of the week though. Good news is it looking like the wind will be offshore so at least the surf will be clean.

The NZ Scholastics Champs are now over. Well done to Jules and Abby who brought national titles back home to Gissy. Jayda, Dayna and Jasmine were unlucky not to snag a title themselves. The local team were the defending champions but had to settle for third place this year. The kids being away gave the old farts more of a chance to snag some waves last week but it’s still the school holidays so the kids had their wave hunting noses to the air today.

A couple of the pro boys were out at the Creek this afternoon too, so between them and the kids it was a bit of a hassle-fest. The video camera filming on the beach seemed to justify drop-ins by some, but it encouraged the boys to take to the skies with an aerial display. I passed on the surf and took a few shots instead. Frick, who was just drying off, said he had it an hour back with only 3 others out – his wave nose was obviously sniffing pretty good today too.     Ô

sunrise tower

fiery start to the day, Wainui Surf Club tower


fireworks in the air

Creek rights

a rare empty set


taking to the sky


Abby, now the Scholastic Under14 Girls champion

city sunset

sunset over the city on my way home







Inside Island

home is where the heart is…

It’s nice to be back home in Gisborne after over a week away up north, even though I did experience a bit of wanderlust while I was away.  Nothing made me feel more welcome back home than the solid south swell that came up on Monday, especially as it was hitting Tuamotu Island perfectly and the wind was favorable as well. It was well worth the twenty minute low tide walk to get there. At ‘The Island’ there’s four surf breaks, several are world class. They all break on slightly different conditions. The ‘Inside Island’ break (pictured above) is my favourite surf spot in all the world.

A vast crowd at The Pipe break at town beach were riding all manner of surf craft from boogie boards to Stand Up Paddle boards (SUPs). Rather than frustrate myself in the maddening crowd I headed over to the Island to try my luck. The wind was NNW and not ideal for ‘Insides’, but I scored empty waves with just the seagulls watching me at the ‘Outsides’ break, before I returned to the mainland feeling tired but totally at peace with the world. That’s the benefits of The Salts. Hope you enjoy today’s dose!     Ô

early morning check

early morning check

Tuamotu Island - Bowl

magical Tuamotu Island

heavy traffic at the Pipe

heavy traffic at the Pipe

malibu rider

one of the swarm of malibu riders


Duncan praying nobody drops in on him

SUP sweeper

sweeping the waves free of bodyboarders

chasing the tube

chasing the tube

walking the pooch

sun-kissed walk with the pooch