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sole surfer

Miss Gissy Pipe 2012

If there was a contest to see who was the most eligible person for the title of top female surfer at the Gissy Pipe, the clear winner of that title would have to be, without a doubt, Adi D who not only rips on the pumping days but also can be found putting in the time at Pipe on marginal days in the middle of winter when others are sheltered from the cold, keeping warm and dry  …including myself.

Today was a case in point. Only one car in the Pipe carpark and one sole silhouette not so far out the back waiting patiently for the sets to come through. The easterly wind was cross-shore at the Pipe but the odd wave walled up enough for Abi to weave down the line, bashing the lip as she went. One good thing about surfing by yourself on days like today is that you can get plenty of waves to keep yourself warm.

Believe it or not, tomorrow’s forecast is for ‘light winds and mostly fine’ – sunshine even- before the rot sets in again for the rest of the week. Seeing is believing, so we’ll just have to wait and see.     Ô

misty day

grey days of winter

on rail

Abi ‘on rail’

car sticker

gotta love the sticker on the car !

dreary day

cold, wet and windy ol’ day


weather forecast

hope it’s true








rest and recreation

Sundays were traditionally known as ‘The Lord’s Day’ and as a day for ‘rest and recreation’. The Town beach turned on some small but clean waves this morning for those who preferred some recreation. Quite a few discerning surfers opted for a rest instead, avoiding The Pipe surf as the town’s sewer pipe is being repaired and the waves might not have been so ‘clean’ in regards to the water quality . (The Pipe does have a rather nasty namesake on the same stretch of beach!)

The Coast beaches may have been cleaner from a micro-bacterial point of view, however the swell was still a bit wobbley and not as clean and well-formed as Town beach. Those who spent the Lord’s Day at church hopefully managed to fit in an early surf as the Nor-easter strengthened this afternoon ruffling the Town surf and really messing up the Coast breaks. And then the rain began it’s return…. looks like we’re in for another wet week ahead. Oh well, at least the weekend wasn’t too bad.

There’s a decent sized North-east swell building over the next few days, but the winds won’t be favouring the coast beaches and the swells going to be tiny in town. No need to knock off work early tomorrow folks. Work hard, save hard, and remember to practice with that Indo phrase book!      Ô


spot the odd one out

heading out

fun ones for you Sunday pleasure


boys amongst the buoys


Abi with her high octane afterburners on

seagulls and rainbow

a break in the rain, but for how long?





Pipe panorama

clean swell and reprive from the rain

Just on cue for the weekend, the rain cleared and the sun made an appearance. It was a real foggy start to the day in town but it cleared by mid-morning to reveal a primo day. Ah, one feels so much more alive on days like this! And to cap it off, the swell was wrapping cleanly into the Town beach with some nice waves coming though in the 2-3 foot range.

The swell was bigger at the Coast beaches but hadn’t fully settled yet. A few guys were giving it a go, but without much luck. Meanwhile at the Pipe a keen crew enjoyed nicely formed waves all day. Some individuals were feeling so wave-starved from the week of endless onshores that they stayed out well past their daily quota. At this time of the year you just gotta catch it while it’s good. The winds were favourable for the Island this morning too, so a couple of guys headed over for a sneaky Saturday Island session.


plenty of swell at Wainui, but it was still a bit wobbley

fog on hills

the fog soon cleared to unveil a beaut day


Pipe lines



Paul cruising on a long Pipe wall


the crew surfed till dark

tree sunset

even a wee bit of a sunset tonight

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under the weather






Island waves

damp and squishy underfoot

With all the rain this week there’s a big surplus of water lying around everywhere. A very big sponge is needed to mop it all up, however Sponge Bay wasn’t coping with all the rain and things were very damp and squishy underfoot.  Yesterday I made the mistake of trying to park on some grass and ended up having to be towed out as my car had sunk into the soft, water-soaked bog!

After dodging heavy showers earlier today, the weather seemed to be clearing this evening. The swell is easing a bit now that the strong onshore winds are starting to back off. The waves between Sponge Bay and the Island looked almost surfable …not that there was anyone bothering. The forecast for tomorrow is South-east winds swinging Nor-east in the afternoon, so Sponge Bay, The Rock or the Island would be well worth a check in the afternoon if that happens as the surf could be the cleanest it’s been for days  (…or has it been weeks? Feels like it )   Fingers crossed.       Ô


rainy day view

Sponge Bay

Scunge Bay

Sponge Bay toilet

crappy weather, crappy surf…


fly by points


weather clearing





Okitu panorama

more easterlies and rain

more easterly onshores, more grey skies, more rain, more crappy surf days, more boredom, more desire to go somewhere tropical for the next two months. (How much did you say airfares to Bali are currently?) Today I escaped the chocolate brown seawater scenario at the Town Beach to suss out the coast beaches, where the seawater was definately more of a dull greeny-grey colour. The swell was a bit bigger on the coast with 2-3 foot mush burgers being perpetuated by the constant onshore winds. The ruffles in the Town beach chocolate were only 1-2 foot and a nasty cocktail of goodness-knows-what coming out of the swollen rivers.

Outlook for tomorrow is similar. Probably less North East in the swell and more South East, the same east or south-east onshore winds and crappy conditions, and the rain hopefully beginning to clear. Don’t worry, it’s gotta change sometime!

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yip, it was onshore …again!

dunes sign

the surf was out of bounds today …unless you were crazy

beer cans

another way to disrespect the dunes, uurghh!

tyre swing

neglected tree toy

lifeguard tower

deserted lifeguard tower – bring on summer!

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brown surf

and the rain got heavier…

With all the rain overnight, by daybreak the sea had turned a chocolate brown colour at the Town Beach as the rivers flushed into the bay. The onshore easterly wind was fresh at daybreak and was soon gusting at quite a few knots, making a total mess of the surf at the coast and town beaches.

Needless to say, nobody bothered with the surf today, especially at the Town Beach, where you just never know what is lurking in the thick brown soup at the height of the flushing of the Poverty Bay Flats. In comp-head terms, today was definately a ‘Lay Day’ for local Gissy surfers. It’s looking pretty wet and onshore for the next few days also, so best to keep you and your wetsuit warm and dry.

You may wonder why I should bother taking photos on such an inhospitable day when the beach is looking so dismal, but the fact of the matter is, the beach has all sorts of moods and you can have some fun capturing those many moods, even if the digital camera regresses to a grainy old film camera in the process. Time to play around with some creativity, as one doesn’t have to worry about missing ‘the shot’ as some local Whizz-shot pulls into a split-second barrel. Enjoy     Ô

wet window Pine

wet windows Pine tree

rain drops

the rain was pelting down (…still is actually !)

trees and truck

the beach carparks were almost deserted


poles and puddles

poles and puddles


the only sunrise today was on the Millennium Wall






lunch time mist

1 p.m.

Yes, it was lunch time when I arrived at the Town beach to check out the surf. This was a more challenging task than usual, as there was only a mere 200 metres of visibility through the mist and drizzle, as the light -but moist- easterly wind began to unload its moisture on the city. From the Pipe carpark one could barely make out the Midway Surf Club and Waikanae was… out there somewhere, in the mist. The horizon blurred into the cloud cover about fifty metres beyond the three surfers who were enjoying the fun, clean 1-2 foot peelers at The Pipe. Nothing too spectacular but all the more fun when there’s just you and two buddies in the water.

The camera was struggling to grasp much light in the dim, misty midday conditions and had great difficulty focusing accurately, hence today’s photos look more like they were taken on an old film camera from the 70’s – lots of grain but plenty of character. Things were pretty gritty out there alright!

The moist onshore winds are due to hang around for a couple more days, and to turn more southerly tomorrow night. With all this rain the water colour at the Town Beach is going to turn chocolate brown as the rivers flush into the bay. Only the very keen will be hitting the waves over the next few days!   Ô


Hami and his mates had Pipe all to themselves

Pipe peak

one-to-two footers peeling through the mist

right hander

“excuse me bro, coming though”

Hami's cutback

Hami, crucifix cutback

down the line

yellow – best colour to be seen in low visibility