70s logo tidy. Last week Gisborne Boardriders celebrated it’s 50th Jubilee during the National Championships. ‘Gisborne Surfriders Club’ was formed in 1964, and later changed it’s name to ‘Gisborne Boardriders Club’. The jubilee celebrations were held at the Tatapouri Fishing Club as the club no longer has its own clubrooms. Early club members such as Chris Ransley (1969 NZ junior champ), Ben Hutchings (1975 NZ Champ), Geoff ‘Lumpy’ Logan, Gail Patty (1967 NZ Womens Champ), and Paul Dobson; were present at the celebrations, along with many members and associates from over the years.

Celebrations opened with the ceremonial couch shell blowing and welcome mihi (speech) by local surfing kaumatua (elder) Ian ‘Moti’ Proctor. The mayor of Gisborne, Meng Foon, made a welcome address and presented a commemorative certificate to the club president, Andy McCulloch.

The highlight of the evening was the screening of the short movie ‘A Look Back Over The Last 50 Years’ produced for the occasion by local movie guru, Damon Meade. It’s a must-watch if you haven’t seen it. Click on the image below to link through to the video. (You’ll even see me featured in a brief interview towards the end of the movie). I’ve added old historical photos from the Gisborne Photonews, to the photos that I took on the night. ‘Go Hard, or Go Home’ was the club’s unofficial slogan from the 80’s. Hopefully Gissy Boardriders will be going hard out for another 50 years!

movie link

*click photo to go to the movie

Mengs welcome

Mayor’s welcome

jubilee drinks

good turnout of young and old

Mayoral certificate

current president Andy McCulloch received the mayoral certificate

1st committee

early club comp

one of the first club comps

Lumpy, Gail, Chris

original members ‘Lumpy’ Logan, Gail Patty, Chris Ransley

Chris Ransley

Chris Ransley, 1969 NZ Junior Champ

Gail Patty

local legend Gail Patty, 1967 NZ Womens Champs

Aussie import Benny Hutchings, an allround waterman, won the 1975 Nationals in Gissy when lack of surf forced a change of venue from Piha (…amazing, but true !) For his efforts Benny won a trip to Australia for the Bell’s comp and a trip to Hawaii for the Smirnoff and The Duke comps. Just as well he co-owned Surfboards Gisborne, – Sunset Beach can be hard on your boards. Ben still competes in the Nationals, these days in the Over60s. Summers spent in Gisborne means Ben still gets to surf old favourites like Tuamotu Island, where Ben first met the cheeky young grommet, Al Byrne.

Benny 1975

Benny wins the Open Mens, 1975

Benny Hutchings Hawaii

Benny on the North Shore {left], Mike Ho, Barry K [right]

Surfboards Gisborne

70’s scene at Surfboards Gisborne

Benny Hutchings, Island

Benny surfing the Island a couple of summers back

The surf fashions have certainly changed over the last 50 years. Hair styles and moustaches are a bit of a giveaway of the period. Here’s some before and after shots of some of the old boys.

Benny & Wayne

[left] tidy Benny Hutchings & Wayne Spence, [right] Benny & Chris Ransley ’72 World Champs

Tahiti team

Wayne Spence’s cookie-duster mo’ in the 80’s

The team above was supposed to be a NZ representative team, so how come they’re all from Gissy?! …maybe they were the only Kiwi’s who could afford to go? – The club was very financial at this time. The clubrooms, established in the old skating rink building in Grey Street, was a popular hangout and watering-hole in the 90’s. A lot of liquor was sold, which financed a lot of surf trips and club activities.


GBC clubrooms in the 90’s

Kaiti hall news

parties were held in rented halls before there were clubrooms

lads drinking

socialising was a big thing in the early days – no TV, internet, etc

400 dozen beer

sponsor Steinlager gave the ’84 Nationals 400 dozen

1984 Nats Midway

1984 Nationals, Midway -are those guys judging or guarding the beer?!

The club has had a number of competitive legends over the years. Since winning the NZ Senior title in 1984, John Gisby has racked up a total of 34 national titles. Turning 60 before this year’s Nationals ‘Gis’ was eligible to compete in the recently established Over 60’s division, which he won last week.  In 2003 when ISA brought the World Masters to Taranaki, Gis’ won the Over 45s World title.

John Gisby

’84 senior champ John Gisby has added 33 more national titles since

Jay - World champThe only member to come close to Gisby’s record is the club’s first World Champion, Jay Quinn, who won the ISA World Under18 title in Sydney in 2002. Jay has won the NZ Open title 3 times. He added the NZ Longboard title to the Open in 2008. He was both U18 & U16 Champ in ’99, and the U14 Champ in both ’96 and ’97. Jay has come close to qualifying for the elite World Tour.

Older brother Maz Quinn has won the NZ Open 4 times. Although Maz has never won a World Title he won the ultra-competitive Australian Pro Junior series – breeding ground for future World Champs (Parko, Fanning, etc.) and finished 2nd to Taj Burrows in the World Pro Junior final. Maz then qualified for the elite World Tour and placed 5th in the opening event on the Gold Coast. He was king-maker at the Quiksilver France, where Kelly Slater hoped Maz would beat the other world title contender, Andy Irons in serious barreling surf. A desperate Irons finally caught up with Maz with just 5 minutes to go. Final scores: 11.76 to 11.33 – Andy became the World Champ. Maz became a household name in NZ and appeared on numerous TV sports shows. Maz is still the only male Kiwi surfer to make it onto the elite World Tour, although brother Jay came close.

Maz Quinn reo

Maz Quinn – still the best backhand reo in the business  [pic. Cory Scott]

Only one other Gisborne Boardriders surfer has ever achieved at a higher level than Maz Quinn in the International arena. A young kid named Al Byrne was one of the original grommets at the beginning of the club. His dad, Des Byrne, was the first club president. But that’s another whole story…    Ô


from the Nationals

Cellphones and surf comps are a good combination. Last week we held the NZ Surfing Champs here in Gisborne. As I was judging at the comp all week I didn’t have much time to be taking any carefully considered photos so I only managed to make some daily snaps on my cellphone to beam out live on to the interweb using Instagram. (If you’re an Instagram user and haven’t befriended me yet, my tag is @donpnz  …and I’ve also just ventured into the realm of Tumblr – also ‘donpnz‘ )

But back to the Nationals, we had pretty good surf all week except for the Monday, when the surf was tiny for 24 hours. Not that I really minded as I was helping organise the Gisborne Boardriders 50th Jubilee celebrations that took place on Monday night. Big stormy surf on the Finals Day led to a change of venue from ‘Red Bus’ at Makorori, up to Kaiaua Beach north of Tolaga Bay.

comp sign

15th time the Nats have been held in Gissy

Makorori Beach

‘Red Bus’, Makorori was the venue


‘the Titanic’ -my home for a week

results board

checking the results

Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle boarding was included

Finals day

stormy conditions on the Finals day


Abby Falwasser-Logan


15 year old Gisborne grommette Abby Falwasser-Logan finished 2nd in the Open Womens division and was a finalist in the Under 18 Girls division, took out the trophy for the Most Outstanding Surfer of the championships. (Not bad for someone who was on crutches with her ankle out of action just two months back!)

Watch this space …Abby, along with her cousin Jasmine Smith who won the Under 18 Girls for the second year in a row, are Gissy girls with a big future in competitive surfing.

Grace Spiers

Grace, 2014 Womens champ

Our friend Grace Spiers from Whangamata – one of my daughter’s main adversaries in the Grommet series years back- took out the Open Womens. This is Grace’s first time to get her name on the prized Women’s trophy …but not before time. Her achievement was quite remarkable given that Grace only recently recovered from a broken wrist and hadn’t been surfing for four months. Several years ago Grace had to quit surfing for over a year with a bad back. A great comeback !

Billy Stairmand

Billy Stairmand

Gisborne surfers only took out 5 national titles this year – down a bit from the 7 we won last year at Piha Beach and quite a few less than recent times when the Nats were held here. Our 2014 Gissy champions are: John Gisby (Over60s), Chris ‘Bugsy’ Malone (Over 28s & Over 35s), Jasmine Smith (U18 Girls) and Kamen Geileser (Kneelos).

The Open Men’s final had 3 Gissy lads in it : Bobby Hansen and Maz & Jay Quinn, but the 4th finalist, the Raglan rat, Billy Stairmand, stole our cheese !  …again! He won the last time the Nationals we were held here.    Ô

tropical sunset_low 0012


The temperature just hit 31ºWilbur goin left. On days like this you may be tempted to describe Gisborne as ‘tropical’  but if you’ve been to the tropics you’ll appreciate that we have more of a ‘sub-tropical’ climate. Which is great, as we miss out on a lot of tropical nasties like sea snakes, malaria, and low budget kung-fu movies playing in third world hotels. But at the height of summer we experience other menaces, such as crowded surf and the proverbial ‘surfed-5-times-over-the-summer’ kook. Check out the kook in the photo below!

Today the surf was so tiny I resorted to bodysurfing. The waves were so weak that I was even having difficulty doing that. As I took no photos, other than a couple of quick snaps on the cellphone, for today’s Dose I’ve recycled some shots I never used from last summer. (Except for the opening photo, which I took just the other night in ‘sub-tropical’ Gissy).  “Yes, I’ll have ice with my coke, thanks”.    Ô


spot the Kook…   (pic by Doug Hislop)

hot start

a hot start to the day

sub-tropical Wainui

sub-tropical Wainui

summer SUPing

summer SUPing

water quality sign

drinking salt water is not advised

carpark sunset

carpark sunset

2014 peak_low 0023


On New Year’s Eve the swell had lots of north in it so there were a lot of lefthanders running along Wainui and Makorori beaches. For some strange reason, Makorori Point wasn’t quite doing it’s thing – it should have been ideal in those conditions. However the beach breaks certainly made up for it. The righthander off ‘Teddy’s Bank’ was working well and there was a large crew on to it.

The new year kicked off in Gisborne with a nice clean North-east swell and light offshore winds to provide the local and visiting surfers with great conditions for our first surf for the year. A perfect start to the year! – Let’s hope we enjoy similar good fortune for the rest of this year. A perfect New Year’s Day culminated in the annual fireworks display held at the convergence of the three rivers.    Ô

Maka Point

not really ‘doing it’

John Gisby

local legend ‘Gis’, giving it a whack

Chris Ransley

1969 junior champion Chris Ransley surveying his options

Teddy's right

Teddy’s – fun righthanders

final sunset

final sunset for 2013


Wishing you all the best for 2014 !

Moti's Caddy_low 0075

Moti rides again

out there_0058Moananui Longboarders president Ian ‘Moti’ Proctor certainly loves life. He was enjoying his annual trip to Hawaii last year when an infection took hold of his body, travelling from his foot up to his hip and taking root in a hairline crack resulting from a waka accident in the surf. Having top shelf travel insurance meant Moti was able to get Hawaii’s best medical attention. Just as well, as this nasty infection meant business! At times Moti’s life was in the balance. After a month of hospitalisation he was well enough to fly back to NZ where doctors operated to replace part of his hip which was irreparably damaged. After the operation Moti spent months on crutches and took a daily regime of painkillers. A year on, it’s great to see Moti back in the water, riding again and now drug-free. …Just high on life again. Moti has an even greater appreciation of how precious life is. Ride on…. Ô

Moti rides again

Moti rides again

old school styles

old school styles

living life

loving life

Moananui band

praising the Healer


no more Blues, bring on the happy songs!

Well folks … that’s it for 2013 !
Sorry that The Dose hasn’t been daily during 2013, but I am resolving to be much more regular next year.  What’s your New Year’s resolution going to be?

Waipiro pano_0056

Boxing Day

was looking a bit gloomy. No much swell on the horizon and the weather was dodgy as well. With a southerly wind blowing it was a good option to head up the East Coast on a road trip. We packed the 4×4 with a picnic lunch (Christmas leftovers), grabbed the dogs, surfboards, skateboard and cameras and headed north. First stop – Tolaga Bay. No significant swell and the place was swarming with holiday-makers and tourists – not the reason we headed up the coast. So it was back in the truck and off to Tokomaru Bay for a picnic under a tree as the rain was starting to arrive. A short post-lunch skate later and we were off to Waipiro Bay – deeper into coastal seclusion and serenity. The surf wasn’t happening but we enjoyed the walk on the beach with the dogs.

Boxing Day is also my dear Mum’s birthday. Glad that you had a good one, Mumsie. (She gets any framed pics of mine that she wants …the rest of you can buy your’s). Which reminds me folks, a new Dose of Salts website is coming real soon! Caio   Ô

Tolaga Bay

no swell at Tolaga

skateboarding Toko styles

skateboarding Toko styles

Waipiro Bay Co

Waipiro Bay – once a thriving community


cottage with a view

beach hammock

now that’s the life !

Waipiro church

where a church should be …right on the beach

country living

country living

weather clouds

ominous weather signs

weather & hills

wet trip home

Christmas Eve beach scene

Merry Christmas

Seasons greetings to all you Dose of the Salts subscribers! GTown_santa
Trust you’ve now worked off the turkey and Christmas pudding. I hope Santa brought you what you were after, that’s assuming you’ve been good boys and girls! To be honest, I haven’t been a very good boy have I? This being my first post of ‘The Dose’ in many weeks. …So Santa never brought me the 300mm lens I was after and I got a new T-shirt instead.

Santa kindly brought us a clean south swell. The waves were barreling nicely across the Stockroute sandbar, thank you Santa. The ‘Y’ crew out enjoying it were Bobby, Bugsy and Bondy. Micro-grom Josef doesn’t have a name ending with y but it’s a very Christmasy name isn’t it?  Ô

lefts and rights

lefts and rights, take your pick

Bugsy barrelled

Bugsy pulling into a sweet barrel

Bugsy barrelled 2

same wave, 1/4 second deeper

Bugsy bash

Bugsy knows how to bash it too

setting up mal

setting up a sweet one

Bobby destroys a wave

Bobby knows how to destroy a wave


Bobby drops his wallet

old school stance

old school stance, feet together

Bondy carve

brother Bondy laying down a carve


micro-grom Josef setting it up

Josef barrel

Josef busting out the champagne exit